Shaoxing Qixu Warp Knitting & Weaving Co. LTD
Company Profile
Shaoxing Qixu Warp Knitting & Weaving Co., Ltd. has been focusing on warp knitting and flannellae for many years, fine selection of excellent raw materials, with professional R & D personnel and complete production base. Our company supports warp knitting white embryo customization, finished product processing customization, low order quantity, fast delivery. In the mode of front shop and back factory, the company specializes in the production and processing of single-sided and double-sided ultra-soft white blank, diamond velvet crystal ultra-soft, 3D velvet strip extraction strip, Austrian velvet and other products. It supports the customization of samples and the customization of 144F warp knitting fabric, and has a complete and scientific quality management system. At the same time, we have close cooperation with the processing plant to provide printing, pressure bubble, composite processing. Warehouse also has a large number of spot, spot for all kinds of white embryo, super soft, diamond velvet, Austrian velvet, striped velvet series and other flannelette. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guidance and business negotiations.